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Speed ePower 2 . . 24 Volt

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The Power You Need

Safe & Convenient


Speed-ePower battery management systems are designed for rugged use with safety, efficiency and convenience in mind. We use marine quality components including, a reinforced battery box, built-in battery charger and safety protection with power switch. The external socket allows you to simply plug in an extension cord for charging and our system will safely manage your batteries.


24 Volt Cabling

2 Battery 20 Amp Waterproof Charger

125  Amp Safety Breaker with On/Off 

Integrated Plug Socket

Reinforced Marine Battery Box


Speed-ePower offers the power you need and the convenience you want.


Speed-ePower2 is designed for two Group Size 31 batteries, sold separately.


When purchasing your batteries, always match the battery design with your intended purpose.  There are starting batteries for short bursts of high amps, deep cycle batteries for long steady amp draw, and lithium-ion batteries which offer the greatest storage capacity.  Learn more from our text and video libraries at the eBoat Marine Channel on YouTube or our blog at eBoatMarine.com