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About Us


eBoat Marine promotes the development and use of electric boats because they have the lowest environmental impact on our water, air, wildlife, vegetation, shoreline and noise; compared to all other mechanically powered boats.


Boating is fun, relaxing, exciting and also a necessity.  However, commercial and recreational boating can have a large environmental impact.  eBoat Marine helps make electric boating fun and convenient for everyone.  We offer the products, services and information to help with all your electric boat needs.  Together we can enjoy silent boating and reduce our environmental impact.


Our eBoat Community is designed to allow everyone the opportunity to share information and promote the use of electric boats.  Working together we can help reduce our environmental impact and have fun along the way.


Please feel free to write us with all your suggestions and input.  As our activity grows, so will our product and service offerings.


Enjoy electric boats and become a silent part of the solution.



Captain Joe

eBoat Marine, LLC